Keepass - Free Utility for Password Management

There are lots of utilities to generate and save your passwords at one location if you don't remember passwords easily.


Generally we access number of sites and register with them to access the web pages. It is difficult to remember the registration details on such sites. Keepass helps you with this as it not only remembers the passwords for you but also generates random passwords for you.

The question is we would store all the important information with Keepass but how secure it is. To answer this KeePass encrypts the database with the AES or Twofish symmetric ciphers, both among the highest advanced encryption standards. So now you can be sure that your passwords are safe.


Powerful and secured
KeePass is a secure password manager that allows you to store your sensitive login information in an encrypted database.
It allows you to organize your entries into categories and offers several ways to conveniently enter your username/password.

Easy to use
You can use drag and drop, copy to the clipboard, or create auto-type sequences that can enter the login information with a single click.

Many optional features
You can use drag and drop, copy to the clipboard; other features include password generator, auto-lock, database search, import/export, and more.

Last but not the least KeePass is free to use. :D

Click here to download Keepass for free.

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