• jQuery Intellisense for Visual Studio 2010

    Tags: jQuery

    A friend of mine (Aslam Shareef) shared this with me and I felt like posting this as it proves quite useful while developing JavaScript libraries.

    Now you can have jQuery intelli-sense in external … more

  • Android Detection with JavaScript

    Tags: Android, JavaScript

    Its time when your web applications should support Android as its one of the competitors in the mobile industry. The following JavaScript code searches the User Agent for "Android" and is the quickest … more

  • jQuery.when() for Multiple Ajax Requests using jQuery 1.5

    Tags: jQuery, Ajax

    jQuery 1.5 has released a new method jQuery.when(deferreds) {deferreds One or more deffereds objects or plain JavaScript objects} using which multiple Ajax requests can be send at once.

    Lets see an … more

  • jQuery Draggable Captcha

    Tags: jQuery

    A developer from France has come up with this great jQuery plugin for Captcha system. This is unusual from other Captcha systems where you need to type the text displayed in the distorted image which … more

  • Check whether function exists

    Tags: jQuery, JavaScript

    It is always a best practice to check whether a function exists before calling it using JavaScript or jQuery. The following code snippets show how we can check whether a function exists using … more