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  • Dynamics AX 2009 Logging (File based) using Log4Net

    I was looking for logging Dynamics AX messages to files so that they can be further used by other monitoring applications to determine if the application is running as per expectations. This requires … more

  • New Android Market App - Hack for Non US users

    Tags: Android, market

    Have you seen the new Android Market released by Google? It looks awesome, but it is only available for download to US users.

    If you want to download the app on your mobile, simply download the apk … more

  • Post to Facebook and Google+ at once

    Tags: Facebook, googleplus

    Syyncc is a tool for tying together your social networks. Currently it supports Facebook and Google's Buzz, with read-only Google+ and experimental Wordpress support, but plans are to add support … more

  • Create wallpapers for Android

    Tags: Android

    Have you ever wanted to get the pic on your PC/web as a wallpaper on your Android phone? If yes, this is something for you. With Pix2fone you can convert any image on your PC/web to android wallpaper … more

  • Play Angry Birds in your Favorite Browser (Chrome App)

    Tags: Angry Birds

    Now you can play Angry Birds in your favorite browser and if you love Chrome then you can even download Angry Birds Application.

    You can simply type http://chrome.angrybirds.com/ in your favorite … more

  • Increase sound volume in Windows 7

    Tags: windows7

    I have been struggling finding a way to boost the volume of my laptop which has Windows 7 installed. Finally, the below stuff did the trick for me. Hope this helps! 1. Go to Control Panel -> … more

  • Play Angry Birds Online

    Tags: Angry Birds

    All the Angry Birds lovers who do not own a Android smartphone have something to cherish. Now you can play Angry Birds online without possessing an Android smartphone at … more

  • Glimpse

    Tags: .net

    What Firebug is for the client, Glimpse does for the server... in other words, a client side Glimpse into what's going on in your server.

    Do check this out, as this is awesome. more

  • jQuery Intellisense for Visual Studio 2010

    Tags: jQuery

    A friend of mine (Aslam Shareef) shared this with me and I felt like posting this as it proves quite useful while developing JavaScript libraries.

    Now you can have jQuery intelli-sense in external … more

  • [Resolved] Faulting module path: KERNELBASE.dll


    I deployed an application to the server and started facing the below issue as soon as the application started.

    Faulting application name: XYZ.exe, version: 1.0.3971.23259, time stamp: 0x4ce0e05e … more

  • Generate Typed DataSet from XSD file

    Tags: XSD, XML

    XSD stands for XML Schema Definition which basically describes the structure of an XML document. You can learn in detail about XSD at http://www.w3schools.com/schema/schema_intro.asp

    Now, as we know … more

  • Angry Birds for Facebook, Coming Soon!!!

    Tags: Facebook, Angry Birds

    Angry Birds, the most played game on iOS and Android phones is soon to arrive on Facebook. It means you no longer need an Android or iOS running phone to play Angry Birds. Woohooo!! that’s a … more

  • Android Detection with JavaScript

    Tags: Android, JavaScript

    Its time when your web applications should support Android as its one of the competitors in the mobile industry. The following JavaScript code searches the User Agent for "Android" and is the quickest … more